My name is Cody Shimizu and am an adventure sports photographer currently based out of Calgary. 

I grew up in Edmonton far from the mountains but rather exploring the river valley that ran right through the middle of our city. It provided me with an incredible opportunity to explore the city through mountain biking. With the incredible sport and the amazing community surrounding it in Edmonton I eventually wanted to venture further, so once I turned 16 and got my driver's license I hit the road west (south west I guess). As I grew older into university I was introduced to rock climbing through a class I had to take. The professor of that class told us that there wasn’t any mandatory textbook but rather, we should spend the money to buy ourselves some climbing shoes. 

Since then as long as I stayed in Edmonton I ended up driving out to the mountains every weekend. So, as soon as I was done with my undergraduate degree I packed up my family van and moved out to Canmore. Since then I’ve been floating around all over the mountains in Alberta and BC. 

As for photography, I’ve always had a camera in hand since I was a small kid. As I grew older and started exploring the mountains more I wanted to bring my camera with me everywhere to try and bring home a small piece of the beauty that surrounds us, the meaningful connections and friendships made. So I’ve developed my skills not only as a photographer but surround the harsh mountain environment. So far I’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple cool brands, a few magazine publications, and really cool events I’ve gotten to cover! I’m always looking for new opportunities and challenges and if you would be interested in working with me send me a message or email! 
Some brands & events that I have had the opportunity to work with
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